Thursday, January 30, 2014

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Working on the robot

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Wednesday's practice

Hellooƶoooo. Today were making alot of progress. first of all, Octobots are voting for who's gonna be team captain and deciding drive teams. The Syntax Errors are struggling to finish there robot considering that we have two more practices until the competition at UNM. Check our twitter to see who wins the election of the Octobots!  

Friday, January 24, 2014


Today we are starting a twitter account! Were still gonna stay updated on blogger.

January 24th Practice

Today the Octobots are putting the finishing touches on their robot. The Syntax Errors are working on their intake system and waiting for some rush delivery parts to complete the 'bot. The programing team is programing the robot's autonomous modes. The pr team is securing donations and making excellent posters to show off our team spirit at the competition.

The Octobots are changing the three wheel design, to four wheels due to base falling apart. The Syntax Errors are making significant progress in building the base and attaching the wheels.

Now that both teams are wrapping up their robots, we should be creating drive teams soon. We'll let you know when we do.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

January Update

Total concentration

We are just a few weeks away from our first competition of the season at UNM. We are trying to finish up our robots so we can squeak in some practice time before the event. Of our two teams, one nearly has their robot completed. The other is working on the intake system. We're all keeping our fingers crossed that they will work!

This extra effort equals a need for extra energy and we're so grateful that Luigi's is just up the road. Their pizza is the highlight of practice and gives us a much-needed break.

Luigi's keeps us fueled up for the hours of practice ahead!

School Life as Real Life--Here is our math for the cost comparison per square inch of a slice of pizza. 
Some of the highlights from this week's practices include:

  • near completion of one robot
  • T-shirt design ideas for each team (The Syntax Errors and the Octobots)
  • Seeing great teamwork and cooperation
  • Securing food donations for the UNM event (way to go Ms. S!)
  • Beginning the programming for the autonomous period--thanks Mr. Brian, Ms. S and Ms. K!
  • Watching video of matches around the world for strategy and design ideas
  • Having a whole lot of fun!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Winter Break Practices

With our first competition of the season less than a month away and no running 'bot, we are in need of some serious extra time to prepare. Over Winter Break we held 2, 3-hour practices so we could do our best to finish our robots. Team A experienced some scissor lift difficulties yet made much progress. Team B walked away from Friday's practice with a rolling robot that has the scissor lift and holding area attached. Both teams need to complete their intake systems and attach all the necessary motors before programming can begin.

We'll get there, but we're going to need to burn the midnight oil!

Here are some photos of our work:

Sideways Millie--look at how tall that scissor lift is!

Staying organized!

Working on the scissor lift--again!

Battery and Cortex for the B Team are attached and ready for motors

B-Team Chassis--still needs to be modified

B-Team Chassis-With the scissor lift attached it is too long. We'll need to modify the front wheel.

We're ready to roll!